Place to visit in Doon Valley - Dehradun

Place to visit in Doon Valley - Dehradun

Image : Place to visit in Doon Valley - Dehradun

Place to visit in Doon Valley - Dehradun

If you are tired of the city's life and running, then take some time to come to Dulan Valley, this valley is the perfect destination of peace and tranquility ...

Dehradun is a popular tourist destination
Dehradun is a popular tourist destination in Doon Valley. Dehradun situated on the Shiwalik hills is a popular tourist destination of Uttarakhand. For the people who are tired of the busyness of the day, the Doon valley is quite comforting. The word dehradun is derived from two words together - the meaning of the word dharada is habitation or dera and dunan means Drona or mountain valley. There are many rivers like Song and Asana in this valley.

Green Valley of Dehradun
Beautiful valley is full of greenery in the valley. Although it is quite comforting for the whole valley tour. Guchu Water, Sahastdhara, Post Stones, Bijapur Canal, Tapeshwar, Lachiwala, Chakrata, Wadia Geology Institute, Forest Research Station etc. are the special places here. The places around Dehradun are also full of beauty. Only a few minutes away from the city, a picnic spot called Rovers Cave is called Guchu Water. It is a cave, surrounded by hill by both sides. Somewhere the path is so narrow that only one person can get out of it. There is a natural stream of water in it. Somewhere the water reaches the knees, below the knees. Postal stone with lush green plains and beautiful gardens is a quiet picnic spot situated on the Dehradun-Chakrata route.

Places to visit in Dehradun
Talk about sightseeing of Dehradun and surrounding tourist sites, see the Tapakeshwar temple, Malsei Dear Park, Kalanga Memorial, Laxman Siddha, Chandravani, Sai Darbar, Guchupani, Forest Research Institute, Tapovan, Santoladevi Temple and Wadia Institute. In addition, natural beauty can be visited for Mussoorie, Sahastdhara, Chakra, Lakhandal and Post Stones. Santoradevi and Tapakeshwara are the scenic temples.

Dehradun's Wildlife
If you want to wildlife, you can go to a famous sanctuary like Rajaji National Park and Malsi Deer Park. There is also the convenience of tracking and rafting, entertainment parks such as Fun and Food and Fun Valley. Nearly 95 kilometers away from Dehradun, the quiet, romantic and pollution-free resorts are famous due to clean climate. Lancerwala is a beautiful picnic spot with pockets and swings for children along the canal. It is about 17 kilometers from the city. The most mythical and attractive place in the valley is Tapepeshwar. It is located in a mountainous cave, very scenic, five kilometers from Dehradun. From here the wonderful beauty of the Shiwalik hills attracts the mind. Here Shiva Durga is a popular temple.

Shopping Option of Dehradun
The shopping center is the Paltan Bazaar, the most famous center for shopping in Dehradun. Apart from this, shopping can also be made from shops around Clock Tower, Rajpur Road and Ashley Hall. Here you can buy gift items, handmade accessories etc. Book enthusiasts can purchase them from the longest English Book Depot and with them Netaji Green Bookshop.

How and when to go to dehradun
The distance from Delhi to Dehradun is about 209 kilometers. Train, bus and car can also be easily reached here. By the way, except rain, it can be visited anytime, but the September to June season is considered the most suitable.