Best Motorcycle Tours In India

Best Motorcycle Tours In India

Image : Best Motorcycle Tours In India

Best Motorcycle Tours In India

Travel from Khardungla Road to Leh Ladakh
If you are really passionate bikers, then pick up your strong bike and get out of Khardungla Road from Leh to Ladakh. Be sure to know more than this exciting bike drive you've never had before. Nearby views and these curved pathways will make you crazy. Khardungla Road, surrounded by mountains from around the world, is famous for its height all over the world. Passing through this, you will get a chance to see and understand closely the beautiful culture and Buddhist culture with great weather. The best time to go here is from April to August.

Travel to Kaja, Tabor, Spiti and Pean Valley from Spiti Valley
If you still have a heart to roam, then Spiti Valley of Himachal Pradesh is not far away from Ladakh. On the bike, many beautiful places like Kaja, Tabor, Spiti and Pin Valley are seen while visiting Spiti Valley. Apples, apricot trees on the edge of the roads in the Baspa and Kinnaur areas will attract you. Along with you, you will experience the immense peace of mind by seeing the Hazeen Drift of Sutlej River, as well as seeing the temples covered with snow. The best time to visit here is from April to October.

Travel to Valparai and Vazhachal Forest
There is another place which is called Dream Root for bike riding. This way, passing through Kerala and Tamil Nadu, connects Polachchi of Tamil Nadu to Chalakudi of Kerala. While driving bikes you pass through beautiful scenes of dense and lush forests. This area has very heavy rains, due to which many small and beautiful water falls are also seen here. The most important of these are the Water Falls of Atharpal and Vazhachal. Here you can go anytime in the year.

Mumbai to Goa
It is also going to be quite fun to travel by bike from the Mumbai city, which is also known as the commercial capital of India, from the bike to the Portuguese colony of Goa, Goa. If the biking enthusiasts and scholars believe this route is very similar to the 101 Highway of America. This road is considered the best for biking in the coastal areas of the country. The 10-hour adventureers can boast of bike enthusiasts very much. Many of these routes have been used in Bollywood movies. Here's the best time to bike biking between October to February.

Journey to Western Arunachal Pradesh
Tours of Western Arunachal Pradesh can also be memorable for bikers. Looking at the high peaks of the Himalayas, running a bike is a handsome experience proven to be a very breathtaking experience. The road is not very good here, due to which passing through mountainous highways makes an exciting realization. During this journey filled with adventure, you can experience the adhikasi and tribal culture passing through the snow-covered slopes of roads and their own breathtaking life style. The best time to go here is from March to May and from October to November.

Jaisalmer's journey from Jaipur
You can never forget the feeling of passing through the highway passing through the desert and passing through the cold and green areas. , About 600 kilometers of this adventure journey will get many opportunities to see the Rajasthani culture close together. You will also be able to enjoy beautiful Rajasthani food while passing through areas such as Jodhpur, Osiani, Pokaran and in the middle you will enjoy the beautiful places. The best time to go here is from October to February.

Ahmedabad to Kutch
Gujarat is not too far from Rajasthan, you can enjoy biking on this route. The sand spreading like a white sheet all around will fill you with a different adventure. Here the magic of sand is performed so that you can not suddenly break into your bike, you will have to take such a step very carefully. It is very good to ride a bike here at night, because the dark particles of darkness in the darkness make you feel confident in driving between the stars on the sky. The best time to go here is from December to February.

Darjeeling to Sikkim
Once again between the mountains, by passing these predictions of the Eastern Himalayas, the bikers can enjoy their bike ride with the moving rail on the hills while also looking at the Himalayan Railway which has joined the UNESCO World Heritage. Darjeeling, covered with a white sheet of white, presents the Ganga Jamuni view of Hindu and Buddhist culture. Hansin peaks of Kanchenjunga are also visible from here. Here you can go anytime throughout the year.

Cherrapunji from Shillong
For the two different forms of water, the famous bike trails between these terrains are shaken. On one hand, Shillong is known for its high hills, and Cherrapunji on the other side is famous for its continuous rainstorm. Clearly, the journey between rain and snow showers will be similar to the adventures of a romantic story. However, in this changing season the bike needs to be run very carefully. The best time to go here is between October and March.