Best Honeymoon Destination in India 

Best Honeymoon Destination in India 

Image : Best Honeymoon Destination in India 

Best Honeymoon Destination in India 

We know that the wedding season has started and some people have started about their honeymoon journey after their marriage. Because after marriage, it is a dream to go on a honeymoon journey, and every husband sees a social custom, disorderly routine, rush of marriage, and honeymoon in the life of any married couple is extremely important and important it happens. It is necessary to try each other to adjust to each other, so that they can remember their beautiful beautiful moment, actually, this is the time where the husband and wife should know about each other and After a long exhaustion, rest takes time to make yourself fresh.

There are so many places for honeymoon destination in India, where everybody likes to go on a honeymoon trip after the wedding, but sometimes it is that the choice of the right place for honeymoon makes the trip memorable. If you have not planned or are having your honeymoon, then we help you in the selection of honeymoon destination. Presented by some of India's famous honeymoon destinations-

Gangtok can be best describes as a place of unmatched beauty. The dreamlike hill station stands at an altitude of 5,500 ft in Sikkim. Gangtok offers good hotels, restaurants and several adventure activities. The major site seeing attractions are Ridge Park, Hanuman Tok and Ganest Tok. Tashi View Point is a must visit place to witness the panoramic view of the city. It can be reached through a cable car.

Stretching along the mountain ranges and boisterous waterfalls, the city of Shillong is situated at an altitude of 1,491 m in Meghalaya. The unimpeachable scenic beauty is a part of East Khasi Hill District. One can enjoy boating at artificial Ward’s Lake or visit Lady Hydari Park to enjoy the beauty of lovely flowers. Shillong Peak gives a splendid view of the area and is situated 1,965 m above sea level. Spread Eagle Falls, Sweet Falls and Elephant Falls are nature’s gift to Shillong and must visit sites.

Ziro Valley
Surrounded by hills and paddy fields, Ziro Valley is a perfect out of the ordinary holiday destination in Arunanchal Pradesh. Located at an altitude of 1,500 m it is one of the most beautiful places in the state. The natural magnificence of Ziro Valley gives perfect ambiance for honeymoon couples. Ziro Putu, Dolo Mando, Dilopolyang Maniipolyang, Talley Valley and Kile Pakho are the major site seeing destinations.

The beauty of a small place in Arunachal Pradesh is such, after seeing that you will not mind coming back from this place. The tranquil atmosphere of Tawang is very perfect for couples visiting honeymoon. Adorned with lofty mountains and lush greenery, Tawang in Arunanchal Pradesh mesmerizes the visitors with its impeccable beauty. The gargling waterfalls and sparkling lakes make the place a nature’s wonder. Zimithang, Gorsam Stupa, Khinme monastery, Tatsang gompa and Singshur nunnery are the must visit place in Tawang to feel the amiability of the place.

Pelling is the colourful city of Sikkim. Full of festivities and rich cultural events, the city is a wonderful place for those who love exuberance and adventure. The enthralling scenic beauty and festivity makes the place a perfect amalgamation of serenity and boisterousness. The Pemyangtse Monastery, Khecheopalri Lake, Changey Waterfalls, Khangchendzonga National Park and Singshor Bridge are some of the major attractions here.

If you want to spend your honeymoon among the palaces and lakes, then Udaipur is a great option. At this beautiful place you can enjoy beautiful scenery with majestic chic.

You will be fascinated by seeing the views of Lakshadweep's islands. By visiting such a beautiful place, you can give a great gift to your partner.

It is said that once you see the beauty of North-East, then you will not enjoy the beauty of elsewhere. Imphal is similar in the lap of North-East. A perfect place for honeymoon that you will always want to remember.

Port Blair, Andaman Nicobar Honeymoon Coups, is going crazy for Andaman Nicobar these days. There are many things that will make your honeymoon a memorable place in this beautiful place surrounded by the ocean. Here you can roam Havelock Island, Elephant Island and cellular gear.

This place is also called 'Scotland' of India. This hill station is a perfect destination for honeymoon couples. At sunset, the view here is very beautiful. Obviously in such a situation, if the partner's hand is in hand, then this opportunity will be even more beautiful.

In Goa, one of India's most favorite honeymoon destinations, you will find many couples in each other's hands. The only specialty of Goa is - Bikini, Babes and Beeches. In such a way, the beauty of the beautiful beaches, the splendid weather, cashew nuts and the finest night life is just another fun. A long list of beautiful and magnificent beaches of Goa, Calangute Beach, Anjuna Beach, Baga Beach, Bagotore Beach, Sinkerian Beach, Palomayam Beach and Miramar Beach are the main ones.

The water sports and river cruise will not only relax all the tiredness of the marriage, but it will prove to be helpful in understanding each other alongside fun for couples. If you want, you can also enjoy candle light dinner and dancing on the cruise. With the natural beauty of Goa, the free and immersive life will put a tasty temperament like romance in your honeymoon.

Manali is one of the most suitable destinations for honeymoon. A beautiful and attractive honeymoon spot for the Manali newlyweds, filled with scenic greenery, beautiful flower gardens, mountains that touch the clouds, with water from tomorrow, beautiful with beautiful beauty. The story of Manali's pleading in the Kullu valley is very different, where the white sheet of snow is spread throughout the entire winter season.

There are cold and hot water glasses in the village Vashishat, about 4 kilometers away from Mall Road in Manali, where the water tears you off and refreshes the journey. However, the main attraction of Manali is Rohtang Pass, where from October to February, thousands of tourists arrive from here to enjoy snowfall in the winter season. In addition to the natural waterfalls on the Rohtang road, there is a gathering of tourists in the Nehru Kund every morning and evening.

The description of the beauty of Manali is incomplete without mentioning the Solang Valley. Situated about 13 kilometers from Manali, there are intimate sightings of snow and glaciers in Solang Valley. Also, tourists enjoy skiing on the slopes here. The joy of skiing in Manali, famous for rafting and paragliding, is just another.

In fact, Manali is not only able to tie the tourists due to natural scenes, but it can also be enjoyed by many adventurous activities like Himachal Pradesh Tourism Department, providing fish hunting in Katrina, Katrina and Rohtang. Enjoy a relaxing mountain biking in the lane. Rafting can be enjoyed from May to mid-June and from September to mid-October in the Vyas River. If you want more adventures, then in the north of Manali, Sollang Nallah welcomes Peharera Sailians. Not only this, there are many places for trekking, trekking.

Mount Abu
Just like Kashmir is called Paradise of earth, Mount Abu is called 'Paradise of Rajasthan'. Nestled on the hills of Nilgiri, the geographical location of Mount Abu, the atmosphere and natural beauty are very different from the other cities of Rajasthan. Here the lake exactly is a great tourist destination. Here's exactly what nails mean nails. Actually, there is a belief about this lake that a Hindu god has digged it with his nails and made this lake. Therefore it is known as 'exact'.

Surely there is a beautiful view of the greenery and the hills all around the lake. Situated in the south-western part of the lake, sunset pointing to sunset, a very attractive view of the sun makes the mind enchanting. During the sunset, the color of the colors of the sky is very different and beautiful, as well as the scenes of lush green areas spread far and wide, giving the eyes a lot of comfort. The scene looks very beautiful. Sailing can also be enjoyed in this lake.

There is also a wildlife sanctuary in Mount Abu, where mainly leopards, sloth bears, wild boars, sambhar, chinkar and langur are found. Not only that, more than 200 species of birds and more than 100 species of plants and plants can be seen here. This is the most suitable place for those interested in birds.

Apart from this, the Achalgarh fort is also worth seeing in Mount Abu which was built by Rana Kumba of Mewar on a hill. The master peak of Mount Abu is the most beautiful and attractive place, the highest peak in the Aravali mountain range. A temple is situated on top of the mountain, where Divinity and Peace touch the mind. This temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu's Avatar Dattatreya. Looking around from the guru peak, the blue sky and the surrounding landscape are very beautiful, spreading far and wide.

Darjeeling, famously known as Queen of Hills, has always been a great honeymoon destination. Sometimes the hill station being part of Sikkim is one of the biggest specialties here. Looks like the green tea farm spreads far and wide, as if there is a green sheet on the earth. Darjeeling was once famous for its spices but now it is known only for tea at the world level. Each tea garden here has its own history and its own specialty.

Tea is exported around the world by its beautiful and lush green tea gardens, but the beauty of this glorious hill station of West Bengal is not just the tea plantations, but the instruments are also very attractive. Beautiful mountains covered with snow, cedar forest, natural beauty, fluttering waterfalls attract everyone's mind. Because of its beauty, it has been called 'Queen of the mountains' and it is counted in famous and beautiful hill stations around the world.

The Darjeeling Tour begins with the famous toy train, which passes through the hills and beautiful plaintiffs. During its visit, beautiful scenes of the confluence of tea plantation, pine forest, Teesta and colorful rivers attract the mind of the lovers. While passing through Batasia Loop, the train rotates circularly and passengers can see hills in 180 degree expanses.

One of the famous places of Darjeeling is Tiger Hill, which is located approximately 13 kilometers from the city. From here the wonderful view of the sunrise is very beautiful. This is the reason why tourists from abroad and foreign countries gather here every day to see the sun-shade of sunrise behind the hills of Kanchenjunga. Not only this, even if the weather is clear, the world's highest peak Mt. Everest is also seen here.

There is also Sanjay Gandhi biological garden in Darjeeling, where many rare species of animals, animals and birds can be seen, including Red Panda and Black Bear. Tourist can also enjoy watching the Siberian tiger and Tibetan wolf. In Darjeeling, there is also the colorful Waste Passenger Ropeway, which is the country's first passenger ropeway.

Mountain, beautiful plaintiffs and toy train, this is the identity of Darjeeling. It is considered India's most famous hill station. You can also choose for your honeymoon.

Let's talk about a beautiful place and Kashmir's name does not come, it is not possible. Most honeymoon couples prefer to go to Kashmir. 'Paradise of the earth' will surely add some sweetness to the romance of both of you. In Kashmir, you will make your honeymoon a memorable one for the Haseen Ladies of Srinagar, Gulmarg, Sonamarg.

It is Situated in the Kashmir Valley, Srinagar is one of the major tourist spots in India, and it has always been an ideal destination for honeymoon. Situated at 1,700 meters in height, this city is especially known for lakes and houseboats. Dul well equipped with lotus flowers are floating houses on many beautiful boats which are called houseboats.

Indeed, the biggest attraction of Srinagar is the Dal Lake, where from the morning to evening, Ranau looks lonely. From Al-Dawn to Suhani Sham, every afternoon of the day shows some different color of the beauty of this lake. Even after the sunset, the reflection of the light bulb in the houseboat also doubles the beauty of the lake.

If you want to stay in a houseboat in a quiet environment away from the crowd, you can stay in the houseboat standing on the Nagin Lake or the Jhelum River. Nagin Lake is also beautiful and small lake of Kashmir. Usually, foreign tourists like to stay here.

After the beautiful lake it comes to attractive gardens. The Mughal Gardens present here have been prepared in such a beautiful and well planned manner that the gardens of love and love of the Mughals still appear here as their beauty. Besides, the journey of Srinagar is incomplete without seeing many important gardens like Shalimar Bagh, Nishat Bagh. In these gardens there are more shady trees besides poplar trees. It is full of colorful flowers. Water flowing through these gardens is also very attractive.

If you have special attachment to water then Andaman Nicobar Island will be right for you. Located in the Bay of Bengal and adjacent to the Indian Ocean's water borders, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands are actually a large group of more than 300 beautiful islands and islands where panna and coral reefs are also present. There are beautiful beaches with white sand, where long long coconut trees appear attractive in the queue along the water.

Corbins Cove Beach, Chiraya Island, Wiper Island, Ross Island, Kermatang Beach, Redskin Island Neil Island, Havelock Island, Harminder Bay Coast, Bird Island (Bird Watching) are considered to be the center of special attraction for the tourists. The vast ocean clear waters away from the crowd of people will force you to make lavish here. If you wish, you can also enjoy flax baths, water sports and sea food.

Shimla settled in the lap of Himalaya. The beauty of Shimla is made in winter season. Between the snow-covered pledges, you can easily and easily talk to your partner about the heart. If you have a short time, then Shimla can prove to be the most suitable honeymoon destination for you. Shimla surrounded by forests, fields of pine, pine and maju, looks very attractive, houses built on hill slopes and are very attractive. Shimla, one of the most beautiful hill stations in the country, is also called the city of 7 hills. Traveling through the tunnels and green hills, the train journey from Kalka to Shimla is very pleasant and exciting.

The Mall Road is very famous in Shimla, where many shopping centers and restaurants are present. People with adventure enthusiasts can also enjoy exciting activities like tracking and hiking. Kufri, a small hill station near Shimla, is very famous for Winter Sports. From January to March every year, during the winter season, you can enjoy snow skiing here.

Nature is a beautiful place for Kerala because Kerala is the most suitable place for honeymoon. Boat rides, greenery and beautiful scenes all around between high mountains, magnificent sea shore, coconut and date palms - all are the true identity of Kerala's beauty. It is natural for these romantic scenes to grow the heartbeat of love.

If you have a special attachment to the sea shore, then Chuaara Beach, Kovalam Beach, Marudeshwar Beach, Bekal Beach, Varkala Beach and Shanghai Mughal Beach will be right for you. If you want to enjoy a hill station then you can choose any of the beautiful mountainous areas like Munnar, Perimedad, Idukki, Lukki, Devikulam in Kerala. Especially Munnar is not only a country but also a famous among foreign tourists. Kerala is such a place where every person should definitely go once. Whether it's honeymoon or with friends. After going to this beautiful place you will get so much comfort that you will always want to go here.

Ooty is included in the country's most beautiful, quiet and polluting hill stations. Many films are shot here due to this specialty of Ooty. Beautiful hills of Nilgiris, greenery around, very attractive lake, beautiful scenery of nature, that is, perfect mohal for honeymoon.

If you want you can enjoy boating in the lake with your hamster or you can enjoy a walk through the flowers in the garden dressed in flowers and if you want to sit at a place on the other side, Enjoy beautiful views. There is a lot to see in Ooty, such as Dodbeeta Peak, Kalhati Water Falls, Kotagiri, Madumalai Wildlife Sanctuary etc. Kalhotti Waterfalls is about 14 kilometers from here, which is quite beautiful and attractive.

Dalhousie Hill Station, situated in Himachal Pradesh, is one of the beautiful and luxurious honeymoon destinations. The city is spread over 5 sq km. Since the Dalhousie city has been named after the British Governor General Lord Dalhousie, here you will see the British architecture brilliantly.

With the beautiful river Ravi river flowing in the heart of the hills surrounded by mountains and this beautiful sight, you will find many interesting scenes of Kudrat. Passing through the pine trees, you will not be able to forget the memories of this beautiful and spectacular journey of delightful sights, high mountains and green plates.