Romantic Places To Visit In Shimla For Couples

Romantic Places To Visit In Shimla For Couples

Image : Romantic Places To Visit In Shimla For Couples

Romantic Places To Visit In Shimla For Couples

Archie fort
If you like to see the old castle, then you should definitely go to Shimla to see Archie Fort. This fort was built in the Mughal period. It was made in 1660.

If you are going to Shimla then you must go to Nalheedara Hill Station. This hill station is situated at a height of 2044 meters from the sea side. Here you will find a lot to see.

Solan is known as Mushroom City of India and the City of Gold. It is also famous for tomato production. This city is very beautiful in itself.

Shimla State Museum
If you are planning to visit Shimla, then you should also include the name of Shimla State Museum in that list. It was made in 1974.

This place of Shimla is famous for its vast beauty. In British period, English cricket and polo used to come here for play. Racing here is also very sinful.

If you are going to Shimla, then you will definitely go to Kumbh. Kufri is only a few kilometers from Shimla. Kufri is a famous place for snowfall. Kufri is the most beautiful hill station of Shimla.

Summer hill
If you go to Shimla, do not forget to go to Summer Hill. Summer Hill is situated a day away from Shimla. After reaching here, you will get to see the frozen snow on the trees. That will erase all your tiredness

The church
You will find many churches in Shimla, but Krish Church is the most beautiful church here. It was built during 1857. It took 3 years to build it.

Shimla Railway
Kalka Shimla Railway is the property of UNESCO World Heritage. This train rushes to the mountains and moves forward. This railway track was prepared in 1898. This place is very beautiful in itself.

Mall Road
If you do not go to Shalimas then you have not gone anywhere. Going to Shimla, you must definitely see the road. The beauty here will attract you to yourself.