Best Place to visit in Dalhousie

Best Place to visit in Dalhousie

Image : Best Place to visit in Dalhousie

Best Place to visit in Dalhousie

Life starts relaxing because of a slight heat in the season. The mind seeks cool calm in the hot wind and tension that burns the mind. And the summer holidays of the kids seem to inspire us to go to such a place where the cold winds cool down our tone mind, the continuous flowing waterfalls fill our inner strength. Ice-covered peaks fill our hearts with coolness A green atmosphere filled with fragrance in our mother-in-law if you are looking for a place like this. So let us tell you that you will not get a good place from Dalhousie in Himachal Pradesh, you will get everything that is in your mind. Friends, today we will be touring Hills Station Dalhousie, which holds a prominent position in Himachal Pradesh's tourist spots in this post. Know more about how its name is Dalhousie, History of Dalhousie, Places of interest in Dalhousie, Places of tourist of Dalhousie, Places of sight of Dalhousie, etc.

Dalhousie is a beautiful city in Himachal Pradesh. The city is situated at a height of about 2036 meters from the sea level. The credit for developing this as a tourist destination goes to the British. The British were enchanted by seeing the natural beauty here. Lord Dalhousie also liked this place and named him Dalhousie after him. The freedom fighter Subhash Chandra Bose had spent some time in Dalhousie during the Azad movement. Apart from this, famous poet and guru Rabindranath Tagore had also made some of his poems by staying there for some time. The British governor Lawa Mao, Sir Charles Aichison, Viceroy and Lady Curzon had spent time here impressed by the beauty of this.

Dalhousie is believed to be the entrance to the Chamba Valley of Himachal Pradesh. If you step here, the salon goes to the environment here. Sometimes the tourists are attracted to the skyscraper, and sometimes the Ghatia and the houses are attracted to them. Sometimes the music of the zarano destroys. So sometimes the gentle breeze winds up freshly in the mother-in-law. Major scenes such as Panjupula, Diana Kund, Blacktop, Satdhara, Zandariaghat and Khajiyar make a splendid beauty of this place. And force the tourists to come here.

Diana Kund
This place is a beautiful tourist spot situated on the highest elevation of the city. Here a beautiful view of Ravi, Vyas and Chinna river is visible. Due to this place being the highest point in the city, the dwarves are visible in the nearby hills. And it seems that today we have grown taller than the mountains.

This is a water fall. This Dalhousie is a beautiful waterfall on the Panjupala road. Here the smallest seven streams fall. Because of which the name of the name is Satdhara.

Due to the water flowing under the five small pulls, it is named after Panjpula. It is located on Ajit Singh road of Dalhousie. Here is a beautiful natural water trough. Apart from this, the samadhi of revolutionary Shaheed Bhagat Singh's uncle Ajit Singh is also worth seeing.

Jandri Ghat
This place is a suitable place for those who are interested in old Mahlocks and old buildings. This site is also good for picnics.

This site is a beautiful tourist spot situated in the middle of the bamboo chead and dense pine trees, situated at an elevation of about 2440 meters above sea level. This site is located 9 km from the main post office.

Located 22 kilometers from Dalhousie, this site is also known as Dalhousie's Mini Switzerland and Mini Gulmarg. Here natural appears on your entire face. It is a picturesque lake, which is a doused kilometer long. When there is snow all around in the circus. So the beauty of its beauty disappears. There is also a temple of Lord Shiva on the banks of the lake.

How to reach
Here, the nearest railway station is Pathankot, which is located approximately 78 kilometers from here. From there the bus can easily be reached by taxi. For this, Pathankot has direct bus services from major cities of Jammu and Punjab and Himachal.