Best place to visit in Chamba

Best place to visit in Chamba

Image : Best place to visit in Chamba

Best place to visit in Chamba

Chamba is a very beautiful tourist spot situated on a flat hill on the banks of river Ravi in ​​Himachal Pradesh state. Chamba is also receiving the Gaurav of being the district of Himachal Pradesh. The distance of Chamba from Dalhousie is approximately 56 kilometers. This charming hill station is situated at a height of about 996 meters above the Chamba Samudra floor. It has been a great privilege of this city that an artistic religious and benevolent Rajoan ruled from one place to another. However, the culture of this region is not only grown but spread across boundaries of Chamba and spread throughout the whole of India. Chamba is situated in Chamba situated between the thick snow-covered hillside and has six temples of Shiva Parvati. The irresponsible carvings and art samples of these temples spell the tourists. Chamba surrounded by Champa trees is named after the name of Champavati, daughter of King Sahil of 10th century. This is the fancy of the salono throughout the year. The fair, organized from time to time, fills it with its charm. The most famous festival of the festival is the Pyaar festival. This fair is organized every year on the third Sunday of Saawan. Apart from this, Soue Melaalahi, which is being organized in April, attracts tourists. This city is a witness to all the beautiful nature of nature and is very happy with its every traveler. When the color of the sun shines in the vortex Ghatio, its beauty becomes visible only. As much as the promotion of architecture or mural art, sculpture or woodwork is encouraged in Chamba, the encouragement is hardly mixed in other parts of the country.

Best Places of Chamba

Bhaurasinha Museum
It is one of the 5 major museums in India. The only art of the Chamba Valley is seen here. This museum was built by Naresh Bhurisinh here with the inspiration of the Dutch doctor Boggle. There are more than 5 thousand rare artifacts stored in this museum. In these artworks, there is also a world-renowned Chamba handkerchief in addition to graffiti, sculpture, manuscripts and metal made items. The main characteristic of Chumba's Rumalola is that the portrayals of religious texts on them have been performed very well.

Laxmi Narayan temple
This ancient temple is famous for the artistic statues and carvings of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu.

Places of interest around Chamba

The distance from Chamba to Bharmour is approximately 65 kilometers. This beautiful place is known as the starting point of Manimshahi Yatra. The Chaurasia temple group here is particularly visible.

The distance from Chamba to Sulnni is approximately 56 kilometers. This beautiful tourist spot, situated on an elevation of 1829 meters above sea level, is known for its panoramic views.

The distance of Saho from Chamba is about 20 kilometers. Situated on the banks of the River River, this place is known for Chandrasekhar Temple.

The distance of Sarol from Chamba is about 11 kilometers. Sarol is a beautiful tourist and picnic spot in a valley. It is on the edge of the river Ravi. Tourist can also get information related to the farm farm.

Chaugan places a special place in the eyes of the traveler for his Fairs. The special cultural activities that make up this fascinate the travlers.

Located at a distance of 34 kilometers from Bharmour and 4170 meters above sea level, this place is known for its 5656 meter high Manimehsh Peak. Apart from this, the famous Manimshish Lake is also visible. Where Manimahesh Yatra is organized every year.