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India is known for its civilization and culture throughout the world, people come from all over the world for a whole year to know about India's culture and its history.

Some of the cities here are known for their beauty, then for some culture. Of different places and cities. Catering is different, but some place is famous for the garment. There are so many places to visit in our country that we Indians have also seen some part of it.

delhimetrotimes (Holidays portal of India) is a comprehensive travel guide where you can find complete information about some of India's places, here you can grow your knowledge about cities coming up in the most beautiful cities of India, and ours Believe that if you have never gone to these cities, then once everybody will be forced to go to these cities

Delhi Travel Guide

The capital of India, Delhi, is a huge metropolitan area in the north of the country. The main center for tourists abroad is the Parliament House, the Supreme Court, and many other government institutions, besides the Lal Qila, Vishal Jama Masjid Mosque for tourists, whose courtyard accommodates 25,000 people, around which Chandni Chowk is A vibrant market full of food carts, sweets shops and spice stalls is Delhi's Lotus Temple which attracts everyone.

delhimetrotimes (Delhi Travel Guide) is a comprehensive Travel and Tour guide which will be funded from the corner of your Delhi. Which give a complete infomation about Best place to visit in delhi It has to be told in Delhi that Delhi's Best Place Connection will tell you about Delhi's Best Shopping Place, Mall, Temple. How can you easily move from one place to another in Delhi? You can get full information about the number of buses in Delhi, taxi number and delhi metro route.

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Delhi Metro is a metro system of satellite satellites of Delhi and Faridabad, Gurgaon, Noida and Ghaziabad in the National Capital Region of India.

Delhi Metro Route Map is a collection of more than 202 stations in the area of ​​278 km, which are underground or have different routes of the city.

Each line of the route is a special color, mainly eight way red line (from Dilshad Garden to Rithala), Yellow Line (from Timepur Bütley to Huda City Center), Blue Line (Noida City Center from Dwarka Sector 21 and Yamuna Bank) Vaishali (from Vaishali till), Green Line (From Mundra to Indrokok and Ashok Park Main to Kirti Nagar), Violet Line (from Kashmiri Gate to Escorts Mujezar), Orange Line (New Delhi to Dwarka 21), Magenta Line (from Botanical Garden to Jahangir Puri) is available and which has progressed and forwarded.

Delhi Metro Travel Guide is an easy way for you to get information about Delhi Metro route

Points of interest

Delhi is a major part of India's history in its evergreen monuments, as well as Delhi is also popular for its shopping areas. You can see crowded loads throughout the year.

Delhi offers different types of shopping options to its tourists, visitors and Delhiis. If you have to buy cheap clothes then you can go to different wholesale markets of Delhi, where there is traffic movement in many states of the country and in addition if you are a branded cloth, then you can buy from Delhi's Popular Mall, Popular Market Can buy.

Local markets and shopping plaza provide all the essentials including clothing, shoes, accessories, home furnishings, decorative items, handicrafts, leather goods and more. delhimetrotimes (Delhi Shopping Guide) will provide full information about the most visited shopping sites within the city, so that your purchases are easily and at the right rate

Delhi has a collection of country's museums and some of the finest galleries. Here is the National Museum, which has bright treasures located within and has maintained Indian history and creativity for thousands of years. Apart from this, if we talk about many influential art in the city, there are galleries which are also available here, more than the National Museum of Modern Art. No.

Delhi is the oldest city in India and the city that experiences the highest pedestal from all over the world. There are many monuments in the city which are popular for architectural talent and historical importance. The city's rich cultural heritage is also one of the main fascinating aspects of the city. Traveling to museums is recommended for completing their journey in Delhi. Here is a list of the top five museums in Delhi which are worth a visit. These museums provide evidence of rich past and additionally provide cultural prosperity of India and Delhi.

In Delhi, there is an urgent journey for those who are interested in learning about the history of India for museums and the gradual change in many centuries.

There are some museums which go completely for a unique experience in Delhi. It is advisable that you already plan your trip keeping that time and day in mind.

Delhi is the center of heritage, architecture, culture, history and power and what is happening through its lifelines is food here. Delhi is not only a city of big hearted people but also people with hunger, because they are for countless variety of food found in the city. Here there is a lot of variety of local and Famous Dishes. If anyone comes to Delhi then understand He will not be hungry at all, in fact, the street food here reflects the taste of Delhi, which changes in color and taste in every lane neighborhood.

In the food of Delhi, the taste and elements of the past, along with various cultures, religions and livelihoods, persists in the case of recipes from the subtle dominance of Chinese, continental, Thai, Mexican, Mughal, South Indian and northern Indian and Punjabi preparations. Here you can try the best dining options with countless options.

If someone tells you that cheaper food is available in the restaurant of Delhi today, you will not have any doubt about delhimetrotimes (Delhi food guide) about such cheap restaurants and best street food locations in Delhi. Where you can get cheaper food. So you are advised that you go empty stomach here and taste the dish.

If we do not see water from the mouth, and if we do not see it, Until you experience the food of the road, Delhi appears invisible, however, this Street Food Corner appears to be more in the night or evening.